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Camp Half-Blood

Camp Half-Blood

There were originaly twelve cabins, one for each Olympian god, but after the Second Titan War, Percy made the gods promise to claim all their children and for the minor gods to be respected, so now there are twenty cabins in total, one honoring each god or goddess. Some of the cabins include Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, The original twelve cabins at Camp Half-Blood
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Dionysus, Hermes, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, and Artemis; the cabins of Hecate, Iris, Hypnos, Hades, Morpheus, Hebe, Janus, and Nemesis being the latest additions (see the article The Last Olympian).

Hera's cabin is a courtesy because she's the goddess of marriage and doesn't have demigod offspring. Artemis's cabin is also honorary because she is one of the maiden/virgin goddesses, but does sometimes play host to her Huntresses. The cabins honoring Zeus and Poseidon are supposed to be empty, but Percy Jackson and his Cyclops half brother Tyson (occasionally) occupy Poseidon's cabin, and Thalia Grace used to occupy Zeus' cabin, before she joined Artemis's Huntresses to prevent her from being the child of the prophecy, and Jason Grace now occupies the cabin until he gets back to his rightful home. After The Last Olympian, the layout of the cabins changed dramatically, due to the deal Percy made with the gods. Now, each minor god and Hades (fortunate for Nico di Angelo) have their own cabins which means that the amount of campers will double or triple, to Mr. D.'s dismay. (Luckily, by this time, Zeus cut his remaining time to 50 years instead of 100.) Also, now the gods are obligated to claim their demigod children, by age 13. This will make for a much less crowded Hermes cabin. It is presumed that they are still making cabins. The cabins are now placed in the shape of a Greek Omega (the last letter of the Ancient Greek alphabet: Ω).
Big HouseEdit Big House sectionEdit

Main article: Big House

The Big House, is where the Oracle of Delphi used to live in the attic, before Rachel Elizabeth Dare took the Oracle into her own body. It also is a main meeting place for the leaders of the cabins for major problems and ideas before any quests. Dionysus and Chiron enjoy playing pinochle on the front porch, the only true game (along with Pac-Man and gladiator fighting) according to Dionysus.
Climbing WallEdit Climbing Wall sectionEdit

Main article: Climbing Wall

The lava wall, a climbing wall, is said to pour lava out for an “extra challenge”. If the camper does not get to the top quickly the walls clash together and the camper's clothes are soaked with lava (actually torn to only threads).

Camp Borders

The camp borders are designed to keep mortals, monsters, bad weather and many other things out of the camp. Only campers, gods, monsters, and some mortals (such as May Castellan and Rachel Elizabeth Dare in The Last Olympian) who were given the permission by a camper (as Annabeth Chase did to Tyson) may enter through the border (as Grover once told Percy people let monsters in as 'practical jokes' much to Percy's shock). Once, the border was protected by many things, the most notable being a strong copper dragon. In modern times, it is passively - but effectively - defended by the magical barrier generated by Thalia's tree, created from her dad, Zeus, in her dying moments.

In The Sea of Monsters, Thalia's Tree was poisoned by Luke Castellan with elder python venom from the pit of Tartarus. As the tree weakened, so did the strength of the borders. Percy managed to rescue Grover as well as steal the Fleece from Polyphemus the Cyclops. The Fleece healed Thalia's tree and restored Thalia to her original body while leaving the tree in place. The Fleece is guarded by the dragon Peleus.

During the Demigod Files, which took place about a few weeks after the Battle of the Labyrinth took place: where Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Charles Beckendorf, and Silena Beauregard found the Myrmekes - ancient Greek ants the size of a terrier carrying the head of mechanical bronze dragon. The marks of the head digging on the ground revealed a massive crater with the neck of the bronze dragon. Annabeth reattached the dragon's head and led the dragon to help rescue Beckendorf, who was captured by the ants. The dragon then went berzerk and Beckendorf worked with Percy to shut it down. Then it was fixed by Leo Valdez in The Lost Hero and used on the quest to rescue Hera from Porphyrion, although it was destroyed at the home of King Midas and the remaining parts were taken back to Bunker 9.
Dining PavilionEdit Dining Pavilion sectionEdit
“ We still have to eat, don't we?" ”

–Chiron, touring Percy , in The Lightning Thief
The dining pavilion is where the campers eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food served is a diet primary of grapes, cheese, bread, and extra lean, nymph-cut barbecue. Each cabin has their own tables and campers are not allowed to sit at a table that is not their cabin's (Annabeth Chase broke this rule to speak with Percy in The Battle of the Labyrinth only while talking about stuff). The tables are covered with a white tablecloth fringed with purple. At the center of the Pavilion is the bonfire. It is lit during the dinners and how brightly it is lit is dependent on the moods of the campers at the pavilion (ex. very happy or screaming the flame gets about 20 ft in the air and bright purple, so hot that the front row's marshmallows burst into flames, as stated by Percy; if the campers are not happy or cheerful, like the disaster of the monsters invading the camp in The Sea of Monsters, the mood goes low and the fire is about 5 ft tall in the air and the color of lint. It is not heating the cold air very much). At the beginning of each meal, each cabin takes turns going up to the fire and dropping in a share of their best food as an offering for the gods (because the gods like the smell). Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, gets a portion of each offering.
StablesEdit Stables sectionEdit
“ Meh, the stables. You see Chiron staying in the stables?" ”

–Blackjack , in The Titan's Curse
This is where they store the pegasi, like Blackjack, Percy's black pegasus. Percy can read the pegasi minds since his father created the pegasi. The Demeter cabin is in charge of the lessons but Aphrodite's cabin helps every now and then. Every few times, some demigod(s) would take pegasi lessons from one of the other demigods from Aphrodite's cabin. It is also shown that Chiron does not like them very much.
ArmoryEdit Armory sectionEdit
“ Inside was not gardening tools, unless you want to make war on your tomato plants. ”

–Piper, talking about the armory

This is where the campers in Camp Half-Blood get their weapons. It is a big metal shed around the side of Athena's cabin. In The Lost Hero, Annabeth helped Piper choose her weapon, which is later a dagger named Katoptris, there. It has a quite a large collection of swords, spears, clubs and even shotguns. Every camper gets a weapon, but the Hephaestus' cabin makes their own. The armory is confused as the camp forge.
Camp ForgeEdit Camp Forge sectionEdit
“ It was like a steam-powered locomotive had smashed into the Greek Parthenon and they had fused together ”

–Leo Valdez, talking about the forge
There were white marble columns lining walls stained with soot. Chimneys were pumping smoke over a gable with carvings of gods and monsters. The forge was located at the edge of a stream, with waterwheels spinning bronze gears. Always, campers hear machinery working, fires crackling, and the sound of hammers against metal. Inside, there were tables full of projects and weapons, and there was also a big wall map of the camp, used to plan traps to catch the bronze dragon. Hephaestus' children are often, or always, working in the forges.

The Forest

The woods are where dryads live and monsters were stocked. It is known as a dangerous place, and no one shall ever go there alone unless they were armed or with a companion. The campers occasionally play capture-the-flag in the woods, or sometimes hunt for monsters to fight as training. It is often mentioned in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Camp Traditions
The camp has several traditions derived from its Greek roots. Winners and victors are given laurel wreaths and paraded around camp. More poignantly, anytime a camper goes on a quest, their siblings/cabin mates weave them a funeral shroud in case their sibling does not survive - if the camper has no siblings, another cabin may volunteer to do it. Should they return victorious, they get to burn the shroud.

But the most prominent tradition is the camp beads. At the end of every summer session, the senior counselors vote on the biggest event of the summer and paint it on the bead.

* The Lightning Thief - A black bead with a green trident. Percy's first year.

* The Sea of Monsters - A bead symbolizing a little image of The Golden Fleece. Percy's second year.

* The Titan's Curse - There was no bead. The events of this book took place in the same year as the Sea of Monsters, during the winter.

* The Battle of the Labyrinth - An intricately designed maze to represent the Labyrinth. Percy's third year.

* The Last Olympian - The Empire State Building with the names of the deceased in tiny Greek letters around it in a miniature border. Percy's fourth year.

* The Lost Hero - There is no bead. The book took place in the same year as The Last Olympian, only during the winter, just a few months after Percy's birthday (August 18th), at the end of the book.

There are five beads on Annabeth's necklace at the start of The Lightning Thief, from years taking place prior to the books. The ones described are Thalia's tree, a centaur in a prom dress - ("...now that was a weird summer..."), and a Greek trireme on fire. Percy interrupts Annabeth in her explanation so the last two beads are not described. Because Luke arrived the same year as Annabeth, it can be assumed he had the same set.

A game of capture the flag is played every Friday from 6:00 to 9:00. The boundry is the creek and often teams use the pile of rocks named 'Zeus' Fist'. Whenever the hunters of Artemis are sent to the camp there is a game of capture the flag, during these games all campers help out. It is said that even the Aphrodite children go around offering to straighten peoples armour. Normally this cabin would sit on the side lines and cheer. In The Titan's Curse it is stated that the campers have never won against the hunters.

Notable Campers

* Percy Jackson - Demigod son of Poseidon
* Annabeth Chase - Demigod daughter of Athena
* Grover Underwood - Satyr and member of the Council of Cloven Elders
* Thalia Grace - Demigod daughter of Zeus; became a Huntress of Artemis when she was offered the Huntresship by Artemis by the end of The Titan's Curse during the Winter Solstice Olympian Council while Percy, Annabeth, and she were at the Winter solstice council of the Gods
* Rachel Elizabeth Dare - An ordinary human who became the new Oracle due to her ability to see through the Mist by the end of The Last Olympian after the Battle of Manhattan, going through the orientation of being the new Oracle overseen by Apollo, God of music, sun, archery, and prophecy; also, she destroyed Hades's curse over the Oracle
* Clarisse La Rue - Demigod daughter of Ares.
* Chris Rodriguez - Demigod Son of Hermes. Clarisse's boyfriend
* Nico di Angelo - Demigod son of Hades; younger brother of Bianca di Angelo
* Charles Beckendorf - Demigod son of Hephaestus and boyfriend of Silena Beauregard (deceased in middle of Second Titan War after explosion on Luke's "cruise" ship Princess Andromeda)
* Silena Beauregard - Demigod daughter of Aphrodite and girlfriend of Charles Beckendorf (deceased after being spat in the face by one of Kronos' drakons); camp traitor due to sharing information with Luke through a miniature copy of Kronos' scythe sculptured on a coin attached to a charm bracelet.
* Jason Grace - Demigod son of Jupiter (Roman name for Zeus); Thalia's younger sibling and brother
* Piper McLean - Demigod daughter of Aphrodite. Has the ability to charmspeak. Becomes head of Aphrodite cabin at the end of The Lost Hero.
* Leo Valdez - Demigod son of Hephaestus; can create fire through power on the hand (one of the fortunate fireusers in Hephaestus's cabin). At the end of The Lost Hero becomes the head counselor of the Hephaestus cabin which Jake Mason happily handed over.
* Connor Stoll - Demigod son of Hermes; brother of Travis. Cohead of the Hermes cabin with his brother after Luke's betrayal.
* Travis Stoll - Demigod son of Hermes; brother of Connor. Cohead of Hermes cabin with his brother after Luke's betrayal.
* Katie Gardner - Demigod daughter of Demeter
* Clovis - Demigod son of Hypnos. He's always sleeping.
* Butch - Demigod son of Iris. He is Camp Half-Bloods best equestrian.
* Lou Ellen - Demigod daughter of Hecate
* Miranda Gardiner - Demigod daughter of Demeter
* Tyson - Percy's younger brother and Cyclops son of Poseidon; friends with Annabeth, Percy (even though they're brothers), and anyone else except Percy's demigod enemies
* Will Solace - Demigod son of Apollo; current head counselor of the Apollo cabin.
* Michael Yew - Demigod son of Apollo; former head counselor of the Apollo cabin. (deceased in the middle of the Second Titan War.
* Jake Mason - Demigod son of Hephaestus; former head counselor of Hephaestus cabin; gaves councilorship of Hephaestus cabin to Leo Valdez at the end of The Lost Hero.
* Drew - Demigod daughter of Aphrodite; has the ability to charmspeak; second conselor of Aphrodite cabin after The Lost Hero loosing the head councilorship to Piper since Piper overbeat her by taking a quest with Jason Grace.
* Nyssa - Demigod daughter of Hephaestus.
* Pollux - Demigod son of Dionysus.
* Castor - Demigod son of Dionysus (deceased in the Battle of the Labyrinth)
* Lacy - Demigod daughter of Aphrodite
* Holister - Demigod son of Hephaestus
* Mitchell - Demigod son of Aphrodite
* Harley - Demigod son of Hephaestus
* Luke Castellan - Demigod son of Hermes. Luke was head of Hermes cabin until he deserted camp to try to revive Kronos by the end of The Lightning Thief. Percy's major archenemy and tried to kill him. Luke sacrifices his life to rid Kronos's attempt on destroying Olympus in The Last Olympian by stabbing his Achilles' Heel with Annabeth's knife which became cursed when he betrayed her, Percy, and the others by the end of The Lightning Thief.

Camp Counselors

The camp has the tradition that the cabin member who has been there the longest becomes counselor. The only ones who can challenge this are cabin members who are older, or have completed the most quests and challenge the current counselor.
Current Counselors

* Cabin 1: Jason Grace
* Cabin 2: None
* Cabin 3: Percy Jackson
* Cabin 4: Miranda Gardiner
* Cabin 5: Clarisse La Rue
* Cabin 6: Annabeth Chase
* Cabin 7: Will Solace
* Cabin 8: Thalia Grace
* Cabin 9: Leo Valdez
* Cabin 10: Piper McLean
* Cabin 11: Travis and Connor Stoll
* Cabin 12: Pollux
* Cabin 13: Nico di Angelo
* Cabin 14: Butch
* Cabin 15: Clovis
* Cabin 20: Lou Ellen

Staff Members

* Dionysus - The Camp Director who is also known as Mr. D. by the campers. He was punished by Zeus (his father) to operate the camp for 100 years because tried to woo an "off limits" wood nymph. Dionysus was also barred from growing his own grapes. It was cut down to 50 years following the Second Olympian War.
* Chiron - Activity Director and centaur. He is also the healer (just like a human doctor).
* Argus - The Security guard at Camp. He was created by Hera, as mentioned in The Lost Hero. He is covered with eyes from head to foot. He never speaks, as it is said he has an eye on his tongue. He is the beginning step of every quest as he is the initial driver.
* Harpies - Three Harpies serve as "Cleaner Harpies" who would eat any camper that lingers around after noon on the last day of camp. The Harpies also cleaned the dishes with super-hot lava and are also good in mid-town traffic.
* Tantalus - An ex-staff member of Camp Half-Blood and Percy's most hated person in "The Sea of Monsters." He was put in the Fields of Punishment for killing his son Pelops and serving him as food to the gods. His punishment in the Fields of Punishment was to stand under a fruit tree with low branches in the middle of a lake. When he tried to grab the fruit, the branches pulled away. When he bent down for a drink, the waters receded. He was put in Camp Half-Blood in place of Chiron (who Zeus suspected of being the culprit in the poisoning of Thalia's tree which protects the valley where Camp Half-Blood resides in). When outside of the Fields of Punishment when called to cover for Chiron, the food and drink would always avoid him so he cannot eat or drink. Tantalus was very strict and even restarted the Chariot Races. Tantalus stated that anyone who accidentally killed another camper will not get dessert for a week. His curse of not being able to touch food or drink eventually wore off, but Tantalus was still sent back to the Fields of Punishment (because it was revealed that Luke had poisoned Thalia's tree, not Chiron). No one was sad to see him go.
* Quintus (AKA Daedalus) - Ex-staff member of Camp Half-Blood. Also one of the most genius men ever. He is also a demigod son of Athena who realized what Annabeth said afterwords and came to help fight the Titan army in the Battle of the Labyrinth. He sacrificed his life to deactivate the Labyrinth.
* Peleus - A dragon that guards Thalia's tree after The Golden Fleece had freed Thalia from it.

* The road address, Farm Road 3.141, is the first four digits of pi (π).
* Due to the magical barrier protecting the camp, precipitation and weather in the camp such as snow, rain, etc. do not fall on the camp unless desired so by Mr. D. It also keeps out mortals if unneeded or for protection.
* The cover name for camp is Delphi Strawberry Co.
* To pay their expenses, the camp grows strawberries with the help of Mr D, who has an effect on fruit bearing vines (the only reason they don't grow grapes is because he is not allowed to by the order of his father as punishment).
* There is a Roman version of Camp Half-Blood located somewhere in the California area, however, its name and exact location remain unknown (although Annabeth believes it is near San Francisco).
* The only mortal allowed in Camp Half-Blood is Rachel Elizabeth Dare who is the camp's host for the Oracle of Delphi. Percy once mentioned that there was once a pizza delivery guy who has entered Camp Half Blood by just being "really lost".

According to the sign, the camp has moved around with Western Civilization since Greece, however, according to Daedalus, it hasn't been around for even fifty years, though Daedalus could have been actually refering to when he himself was a child many thousands of years ago. This is supported due to Bunker 9, it has been around since the USA's early days - mainly the American Civil War as both Greek and Roman demigods fought each other in a Demigod Civil War.


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