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1st: Zeus Jason Grace | Thalia Grace (Temporarily)

2nd: Hera None: "Hera doesn'javascript:void(0);t run around having affairs with mortals. That is her husband's job."

3rd: Poseidon Percy Jackson | Tyson

4th: Demeter Katie Gardner | Miranda Gardiner

5th: Ares Clarisse La Rue | Sherman | Mark

6th: Athena Annabeth Chase | Malcolm

7th: Apollo Lee Fletcher | Michael Yew | Will Solace | Kayla | Austin

8th: Artemis The Hunters of Artemis

9th: Hephaestus Charles Beckendorf | Jake Mason | Leo Valdez | Nyssa | Christopher | Harley

10th: Aphrodite Silena Beauregard | Piper McLean | Drew | Lacy | Mitchell

11th: Hermes Luke Castellan | Connor Stoll | Travis Stoll | Chris Rodriguez

12th: Dionysus Castor | Pollux

13th: Hades Nico di Angelo

14th: Iris Butch

15th: Hypnos Clovis

16th: Nemesis Unknown campers

17th: Nike Unknown campers

18th: Hebe Unknown campers

19th: Tyche Unknown campers

20th: Hecate Lou Ellen

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