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Who is who in Greek Myth

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Who is who in Greek Myth

ZeusZEUS: God of the gods and of the sky, pictured with a thunderbolt or lightning in his hand, Zeus was the most powerful god. He had overturned his father Cronus and seized power, and everything was ultimately in his hands. Zeus was a weather god, as well as the protector of the law, the state, the society, the city, the family and strangers.



POSEIDON: God of the sea, also called the Earthshaker, since he was thought to cause earthquakes, Poseidon was the son of Cronus and Rhea and brother of Zeus and Hades. He was the husband of Amphitrite, with whom he had Triton. He also had children with his many mistresses, for example the Cyclops, Pegasus, Thesus and Orion.



HADES: The dark god of the dead, who ruled in the underworld, which also had the same name. His parents were Cronus and Rhea, and Zeus and Poseidon were his brothers. His queen was Persephone, who stayed with him six months of the year, thus causing the season on Earth to change to winter.
Hades was cold and without mercy, but was not considered evil.

Aphrodite - Goddess of love, romance, and beauty. Her son was Eros, god of Love (though he is not an Olympian.)
Apollo - Beautiful god of the sun, light, medicine, and music.
Ares - Dark god of war who loves Aphrodite.
Artemis - Independent goddess of the hunt, the forest, wildlife, childbirth, and the moon. Sister to Apollo.
Athena - Daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts. Sometimes spelled "Athene".
Demeter - Goddess of agriculture and mother of Persephone (again, her offspring is not considered to be an Olympian.)
Hephaestus - Lame god of fire and the forge. Sometimes spelled Hephaistos. The Hephaestion near the Acropolis is the most beautifully preserved ancient temple in Greece. Mated to Aphrodite.
Hera - Wife of Zeus, protector of marriage, familiar with magic.
Hermes - The speedy messenger of the gods, god of business. The Romans called him Mercury.
Hestia - Calm goddess of home and homelife, symbolized by the hearth which holds the continually-burning flame.


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